Seated Massage

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Seated Massage

Massage options that work around your staff’s schedule without the need for a massage table.

  • Workstation Massage
    Ideal for staff that spend a lot of time at their computers, our therapists move discretely throughout your office offering a relaxing massage that focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulder areas. Lasting 5, 10 or 15 minutes in duration, it’s the perfect corporate massage to help relieve tension without interrupting your team’s duties.
  • Ergonomic Chair Massage
    Available in time spans of 10 to 20 minutes, this allows our therapists to work more specifically on the back, neck, shoulders and arms while giving your staff a short break from their desk and duties.

There are many health and wellness benefits to bringing a corporate massage program into your workplace. As well as improving your team's health and happiness, it can even lead to increased productivity. Find out some more of the wellness benefits of a corporate massage program here.

Reduce workplace stress and anxiety with our seated massage options today. As there’s no need for a massage table we’ll cause minimal interruption to your office and workday. Fill out the form below to receive a free quote and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Ergonomic Chair Massage

Ergonomic chair massage allows the therapists to work more specifically on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. In contrast to a massage table, the chair can be used in an open area, but it is most beneficial if we set up in a separate room, giving your staff a short break from their desk and duties. 
The massage is performed fully clothed and no oils are used. We offer 10 - 30 minute massages on the ergonomic chair.
Please contact On-site Stress Management to discuss a program and allow us to provide a quote tailored to your requirements. We are happy to visit your office for a free demonstration and set-up consultation.  Regular and/or large bookings may be eligible for discounted rates.

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Ergonomic Chair Massage

Workstation Massage

This style of massage focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulder areas and is ideal for staff who spend a lot of time at their computers. Our therapists move discretely throughout your office, offering the massage service to your staff.

There is no interruption to your team's duties, as the participants remain at their workstation and can continue working if required. Massages range in duration, usually 5, 10 or 15 minutes and are performed fully clothed (no oils are used). Unlike a table massage,  a workstation massage is ideal for a call centre environment or for other large office spaces.

If it is not appropriate for us to move throughout the office, this style of massage can also be performed in a separate room, using a normal office chair. Alternatively, our therapists can move discreetly around meeting rooms or conferences to provide short massages to participants.

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Seated Massage

FAQs For Seated Massage

What are the health benefits of seated chair massage?

Seated chair massage can lead to stress reduction, enhanced circulation, increases in physical flexibility, a more vibrant immune system and a generally brighter mood. The benefits are similar to a full body massage without the need of any change of clothes.

Why seated massage?

Staff received a fantastic massage with the above health benefits, but it is a quick and efficient service to provide for your team that leaves them feeling great, more productive in your business and feeling appreciated in the workplace

Can I get a massage while seated?

Yes! Seated massage is another form of massage that allows the client to remain fully clothed and in an upright position. You still receive the same health benefits but it is a lot easier to manage in the workplace.

How does seated chair massage work?

Your staff will visit our therapists, usually in a quiet area away from their work station, and be offered massages of 10-20 minutes that will focus on the back, shoulder and neck areas.
Pressure of the massage is adjusted to the preference of the individual and can be adjusted around many health conditions. Participants stay fully clothed, and will return to work feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Convenient Payment Options

On-site Stress Management accepts EFT payments and all major credit cards issued in Australia. Other options may be available, please contact us to discuss.
Payment Method
  • Company funded
    The company decides the duration of the massages, and all other details of the booking, and is invoiced for the service.  The cost of your seated corporate massage program starts at $90 per hour (ex GST)
  • Individual/Staff Payments
    On-site provides a service where your employees can pay for their own massages.  This allows you to invite us into your office, and benefit from the services we provide, with no financial obligation for your organisation.  Staff book massages in 5 minute blocks, at a cost of $7.50 (incl. GST) per 5 minutes.  We ask that the individual pay the therapist directly at the time of their massage, or pre-book through our online portal.
  • Company/Staff Co-payments
    Alternatively, there is an option where the company is invoiced but the staff are asked to contribute towards the overall cost i.e. pay $10 towards their massage.

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