Table Massage

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Table Massage

The ultimate reward for hard-working employees, bookings can range from 30 to 90 minutes per person.

Table massage is even more relaxing and a fantastic reward for your hard- working employees.  Bookings can range between 30 and 90 minutes per person.
Our therapists will require a private room to work in as your staff will need privacy to partially disrobe and receive their massage.  The therapist will be using some oils or creams during the treatment.
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Table Massage

Convenient Payment Options

On-site Stress Management accepts EFT payments and all major credit cards issued in Australia. Other options may be available, please contact us to discuss.
Payment Method
  • Company funded
    The company decides the duration of the massages, and all other details of the booking, and is invoiced for the service. Pricing is $50 (ex GST) per 30 minutes.
  • Company/Staff Co-payments
    Alternatively, there is an option where the company is invoiced but the staff are asked to contribute towards the overall cost i.e. pay $20 towards their massage.

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