Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness

The difference between having healthy employees and unhealthy employees can play a significant role in determining whether your workplace fosters an environment that promotes work-life balance and productivity or an environment that perpetuates poor corporate wellbeing.

By offering a range of wellness initiatives, employers can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and create a workplace culture that prioritises employee health and wellness and increases loyalty and focus.

Why Corporate Wellness? 

More active and engaging than corporate massage, our corporate wellbeing programs are part of a comprehensive approach to employee well-being that is focused on promoting physical, emotional and mental health in the workplace.

The goal of corporate wellness is to create a workplace culture that supports employee well-being and helps individuals to make positive lifestyle choices. Through the implementation of our corporate wellness programs, employers can improve the health and productivity of their workforce, enhance employee retention and job satisfaction, and assist employees with establishing healthy stress management strategies.

Our Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Corporate Yoga

A wellness program that includes yoga can aid in employee stress reduction, improve corporate health and contribute to the overall wellbeing of your workforce. Our group classes are led by qualified instructors who are equipped to tailor the sessions to the requirements and abilities of individual participants, helping them to reach their personal health and wellness goals.

Corporate Fitness

Incorporating physical fitness activities into your wellness program is a great way to drive employee engagement while also improving their mental health and providing education on healthy stress management techniques. Our qualified trainers will put together a fitness program that aligns with your corporate health goals, from accessible beginner classes to more intensive group workouts.

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  • On-Site Stress Management provides weekly seated massages at a number of RAC workplaces, as well as at events to complement physical and mental wellbeing activities. The massage teams deliver the service with minimal disruption to the work environment and are reliable, professional and receptive to employee feedback.

  • On-site Stress Management deliver on their name. DSM & Associates has been a happy customer for as long as we can remember, taking advantage of their convenient in-house delivery, experienced masseurs and professional service. The monthly massages are an absolute value-add for staff and management alike and we can’t recommend Anike and her staff highly enough.

  • Fortron provides this invaluable service to our staff on a monthly basis and we believe that these massages play an important part in maintaining our staffs well being and in turn, providing a happy and committed team. Fortron have no hesitation in recommending the services of On-Site Stress Management to any potential customer and know, like Fortron you will become very happy long term customers.

  • We have been using On-Site Stress Management for many, many years. Anike and the team are professional, consistent, reliable AND give an awesome massage....every time! Our fortnightly massage makes hump day bearable!

  • Once a month on a Friday we are lucky enough to get corporate massages at our desks. We all really look forward to this, it doesn’t matter who we get, we receive a good quality massage. Thank you to Anike and the team for our lovely relaxing massages to top off our Friday’s. I would highly recommend this company.

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