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Corporate Massage

Why have corporate massage in Perth?

There are many health benefits for the participants (see benefits page for more details)
  • Office massage is a cost effective and efficient way to increase staff morale and make your team feel appreciated.
  • Reduce stress and tension and convey a focus on workplace wellness.

Do we have to take clothes off or wear anything special?

Absolutely not! Our seated office massages are performed through clothing and no oils are used.

You can wear normal office attire but we do suggest removing suit jackets, ties or any bulky clothing so that you can get the most benefit out of your massage.

Who pays for the massage sessions?

We offer three payment options for our massage programs
  • Company funded
  • Individual/Staff Payments
  • Company/Staff Co-payments

How many people can be massaged in a session?

This depends entirely on your requirements, but we have capacity to perform seated massage on upwards of 50 staff in a single day.

How does it work on the day?

It’s all really easy. Our staff will come to you and then perform the massages in a way that causes minimal disruption to your normal workday routine.

Are your therapists qualified?

All of our therapists are qualified massage therapists and also hold current First Aid qualifications.

Is corporate massage safe?

For most people massage is perfectly safe.  There are some conditions where massage may not be advisable and it is always best to consult with your doctor before participating in a massage program if you have any concerns.  On the day, please make sure you discuss any issues with your therapist.

Where are the massages performed?

  • In your office or corporate event.
  • At your workstation or in a quiet space in the office.

Corporate Fitness

Who would benefit from taking a Corporate Fitness Class (and why)?

Everyone benefits from participating in our corporate fitness classes. There is nothing better than getting the blood flowing in the middle of the day with exercise and then heading back to work with more energy and better focus!

How much space is required?

Cleared out board rooms or meeting rooms are ideal areas, but we can work within most spaces. If we know beforehand, the instructor can tailor classes to small spaces, or we could look for alternatives outside, if the weather permits.

It sounds tiring. What kind of fitness level do you need to participate?

People with all levels of fitness can participate in these classes. All exercises and activities in the class have easier and more challenging options to make sure everyone can comfortably participate. We can tailor individual exercises around injuries and limitations to make sure no one misses out. The best result for our instructors is to see participants moving from the easier to more challenging options over time

What kind of exercises do you do in the class (do you use equipment – if so what)?

We do use some equipment in the programs, but our classes focus mainly on bodyweight exercises. We target core strength and stability, and focus on correct technique for exercises that aim to build overall strength. Mixed with this we have fun cardio activities to get the heart rate up, and some stretching/lengthening activities to counteract those long hours at a desk.

What if you’ve never been to a gym before – can you still take the class?

Absolutely! It is even a great way to find out what attending a gym class is like, and build up a base level of fitness, before signing up to a gym membership

What if you’re a bit uncoordinated…do you do complicated ‘routines’?

The circuits are simple and each activity is explained by the instructor before you start. The instructor is there to help if you are finding something particularly challenging, and can give you alternative options to try. You won’t stand out as our regulars all have different strengths so people are often doing different activities during the class.

What should you wear and what should you bring?

Loose and comfortable clothing. We recommend a good pair of shoes, a water bottle and a small towel.

Is there anything staff need to do to prepare for a Corporate Fitness Class?

Just show up on the day! If you have any concerns, chat with your doctor or pop in before the class to chat with the instructor!

What are the mental/physical health benefits of a fitness class?

Exercising during work time can increase energy, and improve focus and overall mood. It is fun and makes you feel great after! Exercising gives your brain a break from something that was possibly blocking you, and allows you to come back to work with fresh ideas, improved memory/clarity, while reducing stress and anxiety. It is also a great chance to spend time with colleagues away from the desk!

Physically, participating in regular exercise classes can assist with heart health, improved immune system and disease prevention, as well as aid in weight management, injury prevention and improved strength.


  • On-Site Stress Management provides weekly seated massages at a number of RAC workplaces, as well as at events to complement physical and mental wellbeing activities. The massage teams deliver the service with minimal disruption to the work environment and are reliable, professional and receptive to employee feedback.

  • On-site Stress Management deliver on their name. DSM & Associates has been a happy customer for as long as we can remember, taking advantage of their convenient in-house delivery, experienced masseurs and professional service. The monthly massages are an absolute value-add for staff and management alike and we can’t recommend Anike and her staff highly enough.

  • Fortron provides this invaluable service to our staff on a monthly basis and we believe that these massages play an important part in maintaining our staffs well being and in turn, providing a happy and committed team. Fortron have no hesitation in recommending the services of On-Site Stress Management to any potential customer and know, like Fortron you will become very happy long term customers.

  • We have been using On-Site Stress Management for many, many years. Anike and the team are professional, consistent, reliable AND give an awesome massage....every time! Our fortnightly massage makes hump day bearable!

  • Once a month on a Friday we are lucky enough to get corporate massages at our desks. We all really look forward to this, it doesn’t matter who we get, we receive a good quality massage. Thank you to Anike and the team for our lovely relaxing massages to top off our Friday’s. I would highly recommend this company.

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