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  • 5 Reasons Your Company Should Schedule a Corporate Massage

    14 Jun 2021

    With many studies now proving that massages offer numerous benefits for health, particularly for office workers, it’s becoming a part of many corporate wellbeing programs.

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  • Corporate Yoga: 7 Yoga Poses You Can Do In The Office

    15 Feb 2021

    As more Australians spend most of their days sitting down at their desks, there is a growing awareness of the adverse long-term health effects this can cause. Poor posture and being seated for long periods can cause muscle tension and even pain.

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  • 6 Amazing Benefits Of An Office Massage Service

    27 Oct 2020

    According to a recent report by the Australian Institute, Australians work some of the longest hours in the developed world, with the average full-time Australian employee working 43.2 hours per week. Not only do we work longer hours than in most countries, but work hours for many people are often unpredictable.

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  • We Are Back Open In WA

    04 Aug 2020

    With restrictions being lifted and businesses able to continue operating as normal, we’re happy to announce that On-site Stress Management is back, which means we’re able to provide all our wellness services. We’ve also taken measures to ensure the safety of everyone at your premises. Here is all you need to know about our wellness programs and safety measures now that we’re operating normally again.

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