6 Amazing Benefits Of An Office Massage Service

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27 Oct 2020

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According to a recent report by the Australian Institute, Australians work some of the longest hours in the developed world, with the average full-time Australian employee working 43.2 hours per week. Not only do we work longer hours than in most countries, but work hours for many people are often unpredictable, with around 2.2 million Australians reporting that they have little to no idea what time they will finish work on a given day.

Needless to say, long, unpredictable work hours can cause a lot of stress, dissatisfaction and ill health amongst employees. However, there are more tangible costs to this that go beyond tired and stressed staff members.

Companies that don't prioritise the wellbeing of their workforce are liable to suffer from the following:

  • They're four times more likely to lose staff members in the next 12 months.
  • Staff turnover costs Australian businesses approximately $20 billion every year.
  • The cost of replacing an employee is estimated at 75% to 150% of their annual salary.
  • High absenteeism can cost a company an average of $3741 per employee per year.
  • Presenteeism (people showing up for work but being unproductive) is responsible for on the job productivity losses of up to 61%.

This is why it's so important to have an effective corporate wellness program in place. Anything you can do to improve the wellbeing of your staff - and demonstrate that you regard their wellness as a priority. This will pay serious dividends over the long run by helping you to minimise these hidden costs that can have a disastrous impact on your bottom line.

A corporate wellness program doesn't have to be elaborate and involve group fitness sessions or yoga classes. Even something as simple as seated massage for 10 to 15 minutes at a time can have a hugely beneficial impact on your workplace health, morale, stress relief and productivity.

As one of the leading providers of professional chair massage therapy services in Perth, we've witnessed first hand the benefit that employees and businesses experience when their staff are looked after by our experienced massage therapists.

If you're keen to learn more about how your business could benefit from our corporate massage services, make sure you read on to find out 6 amazing benefits of office massage.

Note: the studies referred to in the following article were based on employees who underwent employer-provided seated massages at work for a duration of at least 15 minutes.

1) Stress Reduction

Stress might be unavoidable in many workplaces, but there's no doubt that it can have a disastrous impact on workplace satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. The good news is that seated massage can have a seriously impressive effect of people's stress levels.

Companies that provide corporate massage reported that their employees experienced a staggering 85% reduction in stress levels after a seated massage. That's a huge impact and one that is going to drastically improve their productivity, as well as their relationships with both their colleagues and clients.

2) Relief Of Muscle Tension & Pain

Working in an office all day might not seem like a physically demanding occupation, but poor posture and being seated for long periods of time can actually result in a significant amount of muscle tension and even pain.

Corporate massage performed by professional therapists is able to reduce back pain and tension by as much as 48%. This can have other positive flow-on effects for the health and wellbeing of your staff as well.

3) Reducing Anxiety & Depression

A focus on mental health has become an increasingly large part of workplace wellness programs in Australia. The good news is that corporate massage services can act to improve the mental health of your employees.

Companies that deployed a corporate massage service reported that it was able to reduce anxiety by 26%. Depression scores also improved by 28% after people experienced a workplace massage from a professional massage therapist.

This goes to show that the mind-body connection can be leveraged to have a positive effect on your team.

4) Lowering Blood Pressure

Multiple studies have demonstrated that corporate massage services were able to achieve an average blood pressure reduction of 6%. While this doesn't sound like a lot at face value, it's extremely significant on a medical level and can have long-lasting effects on general wellness levels (both at home and in the workplace).

5) Improved Sleep Quality

What goes on at home can have a huge impact on your team. Nowhere is this more evident than the quality of sleep that your staff get. Poor sleep quality can seriously impede concentration levels, productivity and interpersonal relationships, so it's not something that your company can overlook.

Luckily, improved sleep quality is also one of the benefits of regular on-site massage service. Over a range of different studies, an average of a 28% improvement in sleep quality was recorded. This includes both increased sleep duration as well as fewer sleep disturbances.

As you can see, treating your office to regular massages performed by qualified massage therapists can help them to be a more happy, better rested and more productive bunch!

6) Boosted Focus, Energy and Mental Clarity

Most people think of massages something that helps you relax and slow down, but the truth is that on-site corporate massage services can actually have the opposite effect.

After having a workplace massage, employees in two studies demonstrated increased alertness, speed and accuracy on mathematical computations. So not only does a good corporate massage make your team happier and healthier, but it also makes them smarter and more energetic as well!

Corporate Massage With OSM Corporate Wellness

Companies all over Australia are starting to wake up to the many positive benefits that corporate massage can provide. If you're looking to harness these benefits and provide your team with a valued service that will help to boost their mood and improve their health, happiness and productivity - all in the space of mere minutes - then call us or click here to contact us online today.

Our team of qualified corporate massage professionals - and their magic hands - are waiting to help your staff feel great and perform at their best.

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