A Healthy Business Model: 5 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Is So Important

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21 Feb 2019

A Healthy Business Model: 5 Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Is So Important teaser

Corporate wellness is a growing trend in the Australian business world. In order for companies to succeed, their employees need to be able to achieve their potential and operate within a healthy and stress free environment. Organisations that have implemented wellness programs have seen valuable results for both employees and the company as a whole.

In addition to this, wellness programs have the potential to positively change employee lifestyles and behaviours within the workplace. If you’re considering making a positive change within your workplace, make sure you read the following list to help you understand the importance of implementing a well designed corporate wellness program.

1. Preventing Chronic Diseases

The base of any successful corporate wellness programs should concentrate on educating and encouraging employees to adopt a set of healthier behaviours. When done properly, corporate wellness programs can aid employees and their families in avoiding the elevated health risks associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

2. Reduction in Health Care Costs

Healthcare costs put an increased financial strain on both individual employees and the company they work for. As corporate wellness programs have proven to successfully diminish organisational health care costs, they can be highly beneficial to your business’s bottom line. Remember, costs like these add up over time so, any savings that you can make will have a big impact over the lifetime of your business.

3. Improved Productivity

Studies have proven that healthier employees are more productive in the workplace. It really is as simple as that.  By increasing the focus, energy levels and sense of accomplishment of your employees, a corporate wellness program can be an extremely cost effective way of boosting your overall productivity.

4. Decreased Absenteeism

Health concerns are a major cause of employee absenteeism across a range of different industries. Whether it’s something minor like a cold or a serious issue like heart disease or depression, unhealthy employees are much more likely to take time off work. This can negatively affect productivity and damage your bottom line.

An effective corporate wellness program can help to drastically reduce absenteeism associated with physical and mental health concerns.

5. Employee Moral & Satisfaction

When you spend time and money implementing a corporate wellness program, you’re effectively telling your employees that you care about them and are willing to help them succeed. In addition to the positive health benefits, this demonstration of care can help boost employee morale and satisfaction and contribute to a happier, more productive working environment.

Corporate wellness can sometimes seem like a “soft” or “non-essential” use of your budget, but enhancing your employees health and wellbeing does have a positive effect on your bottom line. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help your business achieve its full potential.

5 Reasons why Corporate Wellness is so important

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