5 Workplace Complaints that can be Improved with Massage

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12 Apr 2018

5 Workplace Complaints that can be Improved with Massage teaser

Healing Hands: 5 Common Workplace Complaints That Can Be Improved With Massage Therapy

Injuries, soreness and stress are an unfortunate fact of life. Whether you pick them up from work, sport, leisure activities or just generally going about your life, they’re never fun to deal with. Did you know that massage therapy can actually help you heal faster from a surprisingly large number of common workplace complaints? By reducing stress levels, improving circulation, breaking down scar tissue and lengthening tissues as they heal, effective, well timed massage can actually have you and your staff feeling better again much sooner.

In addition to being great for staff morale, regular workplace massage treatments are a convenient, effective way to treat and prevent the future occurrence of the following work related complaints.

Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI can be caused by the overuse of specific body parts, such as the soft tissues of your back, neck, arms, hands and shoulders. Office workers who type on computers all day are particularly prone to this and can experience symptoms like tingling, numbness and tightness in the hands, neck and other parts of the body.

Massage therapy, when combined with the use of the correct ergonomic equipment and corrected work practises, can aid a speedy recovery by encouraging increasing blood flow to the affected soft tissue.

Muscle-related Neck Pain

One of the most common complaints in the corporate office, poor positioning during sleep, constant strain at work, poor posture or sports accidents can all result in muscle-related neck pain that can present a major nuisance and even inhibit your ability to work properly. Poor ergonomics and long periods spent at a computer desk can cause muscle-related neck pain that makes normal duties much more tiring and difficult.

A range of seated massage techniques can be used to address the specific muscle groups affected and greatly reduce discomfort. Even a 10 minute massage given at a staff member’s desk can deliver much needed, effective relief.

Work Related Stress

While most workplaces don’t consider stress to be a health concern, it can have a major impact upon your productivity levels and staff wellbeing. If not dealt with properly, high levels of stress can lead to higher costs in the form of lost productivity, increased sick leave and higher staff turnover.

Massage can help alleviate work related stress in a number of ways. In addition to boosting serotonin (the ‘happiness’ hormone) levels in the brain, regular massage allows people to take a refreshing mental break from their work while providing a psychological boost by demonstrating that you care about their wellbeing.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Often resulting from playing sports or participating in intense exercise & physical activity, muscle strains and tears, ligament & tendon strains and damage to the myofascial tissue are painful injuries that have the potential to take a long time to recover from.

Once the appropriate medical attention has been received to deal with the injury and manage the pain, indirect massage to the surrounding areas can be a beneficial supplementary treatment as it can reduce pressure on and improve circulation to the affected area.

Prevention & Cure

There’s no doubting that a healthier and happier workplace is a more productive and profitable one. Booking us for regular massage treatments at your office or workplace is a great, cost effective way to prevent injuries, reduce stress and create a healthier work environment for all of your staff to enjoy. Although it might not be completely obvious at first glance, investing in the health, happiness and wellbeing of your staff will pay big dividends in the future in the form of higher productivity and lower staff turnover.

Want to learn more about how we can assist with the treatment and prevention of a wide range of common workplace complaints? Get in touch with us on 1800 649 649 to find out about how we can assist you in the creation of an affordable, convenient and highly effective workplace wellness program.

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