Fortron Annual Golf Day

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05 May 2017

Fortron Annual Golf Day  teaser

Fortron Automotive Golf Day 

After arriving at the resort, we set up near tee-off for the first hole and each player was offered a 5 minute massage before or after their shot, depending on how much time they had!  It’s a great way for the players to relax, and have a chance to watch other teams while having a light-hearted chat.

It was beautiful weather for the annual Fortron Corporate Golf Day at Araluen Golf Resort.

In some cases, a short massage can help to improve a golf swing by correcting any muscle imbalances.  It was a running joke on the day that the therapists would “take all the credit, and none of the blame” for any change in swing!!

Every year the Fortron Golf Day is very competitive, and a lot of fun to be involved with.  The players are great and the Fortron staff are so easy to work with.

We are looking forward to being a part of this event in the future.

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