The RAC Bike-A-Thon

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02 Dec 2016

The RAC Bike-A-Thon teaser

RAC Bike-A-Thon

RAC offer many team building and wellness opportunities for their staff.  On-site Stress Management visit the RAC sites on a regular basis, providing our workstation massage services, but it is always great to be involved in their special events.

The RAC Bike-a-thon was held simultaneously on Friday at the Joondalup and West Perth sites, and On-site provided a massage therapist for both events.

Our therapists were on hand to provide pre or post (or both) massages for those staff participating in the event. We set up in a way that the participants could keep track of what was happening with their own team, as well as the competition. 

We were surprised at how competitive the staff were with each other and amazed at some of the distances that the participants were able to achieve in such short periods of time.

As it was a wellness event, there was also an opportunity for the participants to receive some basic health checks and receive information from other providers.  

This was our second year involved with the RAC Bike-a-thon and we look forward to the excitement again next year.

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