Workplace Massages - A Simple Way To Increase Productivity

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08 Mar 2023

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Workplace massage therapy has emerged as a fun and relaxing way to reward staff for hard work and achieving organisational milestones. Whether deployed on a weekly basis to boost staff morale or as a one-off to celebrate significant business accomplishments, there’s no doubt that massage therapy holds a unique appeal. But could massages at work serve as a force for good in their own right? Today we explore the potential for massage therapy to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace, as well as some of the other benefits, both physical and mental, that are attainable through this relaxing and invigorating activity. 

What is workplace massage therapy? 

Corporate massage therapy is governed by the same principles as traditional massage therapy; a therapist manipulates your body’s soft tissue areas, usually rubbing and kneading with their hands, varying the pressure applied and the nature of the movement. In a workplace setting, this could take the form of seated or table massage, depending on the environment. 

Seated massage

A seated massage is the most flexible and convenient type of workplace massage and tends to have a shorter duration. This method can be delivered via an ergonomic massage chair or even a workstation chair and will generally focus on the neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Table massage 

Relative to seated massage, the table experience is more luxurious and usually happens over an extended period of time, making it perfect as a reward for outstanding employee performance. The horizontal positioning of the massage recipient also opens up access to more areas of the body, including the lower back and legs. 

Either method is effective for achieving the desired results of massage therapy. 

The benefits of workplace massage therapy 

Encompasing mental and physical benefits, massage therapy has a lot to offer to employees and employers alike, including: 

Reduced stress and tension

Unfortunately, we tend to experience a degree of stress and tension in the workplace. Massage therapy is a great way to mitigate this while also improving overall job satisfaction. 

Improved physical health

As well as reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels, massage therapy can also tackle pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints, which in turn has the potential to decrease absenteeism. 

Increased morale and motivation

When employees feel they are valued and are being cared for by their employer, they experience higher levels of job satisfaction and feel a heightened sense of motivation when it comes to tackling their work activities. 

Enhanced creativity and innovation

Stress is the enemy of creativity and providing your employees with a regular dose of relaxation can be a great outlet, allowing them to develop new ideas and solutions with a rejuvenated mind. 

Efficiency and productivity in the workplace 

Though still a developing field of research, studies have found that workplace massage therapy can be instrumental in increasing productivity in the workplace, motivating staff and rewarding them for their hard work. Considering all the benefits outlined, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, yet increased workforce efficiency is often overlooked as one of the outcomes massage therapy can deliver. 

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