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Our goal is to enhance the performance and wellbeing of your Company’s most valuable resource...Your People!

On-site Stress Management provide corporate massage and corporate wellness programs in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Our team of wellness professionals will visit your office to relax, de-stress and revitalise your staff. In addition to the long-term health benefits of participation in a regular wellness program, your staff will feel more appreciated and your company will reap the rewards of an engaged and satisfied workforce.

All of our wellness programs are tailored to your workplace and aim to cause as little disruption to normal activities as possible. For the greatest health benefits, On-site recommends scheduling your wellness activities on a regular basis. Our corporate massage services can also be used to great effect when offered as rewards for achieving targets, or as an occasional thank you to your team.

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How We Do It

We offer a diverse range of services that we tailor to suit your corporate setting. Try out corporate massage Perth today!

Why We Do It

Apart from being a source of enjoyment for our clients, we are motivated to do what we do because of the benefits that a regular corporate wellness program, whether it be corporate massage or fitness, can provide to you and your employees. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are helping your employees and your business to thrive by making wellness a regular part

Employee Benefits

By choosing to designate and schedule time for relaxation in the workplace, you are giving your employees the opportunity to reduce their stress levels and enjoy the health and wellness benefits that result from doing so.

Dedicated relaxation time is also a great way to reward hard work and demonstrate how much you value your team.

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Workplace Benefits

At the same time, you will enjoy the increased focus and productive output that comes from a more relaxed workforce in which employees feel appreciated and cared for.

By doing this, you will be nurturing a workplace culture that values respect and personal wellbeing.

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  • On-Site Stress Management provides weekly seated massages at a number of RAC workplaces, as well as at events to complement physical and mental wellbeing activities. The massage teams deliver the service with minimal disruption to the work environment and are reliable, professional and receptive to employee feedback.

  • On-site Stress Management deliver on their name. DSM & Associates has been a happy customer for as long as we can remember, taking advantage of their convenient in-house delivery, experienced masseurs and professional service. The monthly massages are an absolute value-add for staff and management alike and we can’t recommend Anike and her staff highly enough.

  •  Fortron provides this invaluable service to our staff on a monthly basis and we believe that these massages play an important part in maintaining our staffs well being and in turn, providing a happy and committed team. Fortron have no hesitation in recommending the services of On-Site Stress Management to any potential customer and know, like Fortron you will become very happy long term customers. 

  • We have been using On-Site Stress Management for many, many years. Anike and the team are professional, consistent, reliable AND give an awesome massage....every time! Our fortnightly massage makes hump day bearable!

  • Once a month on a Friday we are lucky enough to get corporate massages at our desks. We all really look forward to this, it doesn’t matter who we get, we receive a good quality massage. Thank you to Anike and the team for our lovely relaxing massages to top off our Friday’s. I would highly recommend this company.