Corporate Team Building Event Ideas That You Should Consider

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28 Nov 2023

Corporate Team Building Event Ideas That You Should Consider teaser

Did you know that over 85% of workers at companies that support workplace wellness initiatives are more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work?  

When it comes to boosting your brand, investing in workplace wellbeing and team-building is a great way to attract talented employees and retain the great team you already have. Today, we’re going to explore a range of relaxation and corporate team-building events ideas for your workplace, with a specific focus on the benefits of event massage.

Event Massage Ideas

Corporate Events

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to spread festive cheer at your end-of-year office party or a relaxing addition to your family day’s Christmas entertainment, corporate event massages are an all-round crowd-pleaser. By working with you to develop a package that aligns with your event size and attendee needs, our qualified and experienced massage staff will make your next corporate event one to remember. 

Conferences, Trade Shows and Meetings 

Not only are corporate massages a great way to bring relaxation and positivity to the work environment - they also help your business stand out from the pack. From making your organisation’s stall the most popular at your next trade show to removing the stress and tension from important business meetings, we have the skills and experience to tailor our offering to your unique circumstances and create an outstanding experience for your participants.

Wellbeing Initiatives 

Integrating massages into your workplace wellness routine is also a great way to reward and motivate your staff. Event massages can complement other more intensive workplace fitness and team-building activities, bring some relaxation to your busy work environment, and ensure your employees who spend a lot of the day sitting in front of computers have a chance to loosen up their muscles and increase their blood flow. 

Other Corporate Event Ideas

Though an excellent addition to your workplace wellness regime, event massages are not the only way to bring fitness and well-being into the corporate environment. Let's turn our attention now to some more physically active team-building and wellness solutions, all of which can be provided in combination with massage services. 

Corporate Yoga

Not only does workplace yoga increase focus, productivity and concentration - it also yields personal benefits for your employees, increasing their overall levels of fitness, health and relaxation. Our yoga instructors are fully qualified and are able to use their skills and expertise to build a flexible program that is suitable for all of your participants, delivered at a time convenient for your organisation. 

Corporate Fitness

Sometimes it can feel like life is too busy to maintain your physical wellbeing. By incorporating fitness into your workplace wellness routine, you’re ensuring that all of your employees are able to participate in organised physical exercise, regardless of their commitments outside of work. Our qualified trainers will work with you to prepare a program that aligns with your participants’ abilities and their overall fitness goals, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, such as improved quality of life and reduced stress and fatigue. 

Event massage and corporate team building events are a great way to promote health and well-being in the workplace. Consider adding these corporate event ideas to your organisation’s wellness routine today, simply send us your enquiry and we’ll provide a quick quote.

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