Supporting Staff Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

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22 Mar 2023

Supporting Staff Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World teaser

In a post-pandemic world, employee wellbeing is more important than ever. Although the worst of COVID-19 may be over, organisations are still seeing negative after-effects such as increased absenteeism, lower staff morale, decreased productivity and even attrition. Without adequate support systems in place, mental health issues and staff wellbeing challenges can lower a person's confidence at work and their capacity to work efficiently and productively. 

A survey by Harvard Business revealed that 60% of employees believe their employers should implement a strategy to benefit the workforce and improve employee wellbeing. While many offices have opted for flexible working arrangements to address some of these issues, the hybrid work approach is challenging.

Keep reading to discover strategies for supporting your team in a post-pandemic world. 


Supporting Staff Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

Even in the best of times, the corporate world can be a source of significant stress. Providing ongoing support and reassurance is crucial for maintaining team morale and encouraging a productive and efficient workplace culture.

1. Counteract the negative effects of remote work

Many workplaces have opted to keep some form of remote working for their staff. Despite the flexibility, many aspects of working from home can be challenging for workers, ranging from Zoom fatigue and difficulties with work-life balance to physical health risks. A combination of increased laptop usage, ineffective home office setups, and unsupportive seating such as couches can cause hunching or posture issues, body aches and even joint pain. Working remotely can often mean there is less reason to get up and move around, with bathrooms only a few steps away and meetings all taken from one spot. 

Consider providing staff education or training on ergonomic remote working setups to combat these health impacts. A corporate massage can also be instrumental in ensuring the physical health of employees. This style of massage focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulder areas and is ideal for staff who spend a lot of time at their computers. A simple massage can reduce stress, enhance circulation, increase physical flexibility, a more vibrant immune system and a generally brighter mood. 

2. Promote a sense of community and connection

A consequence of recent times is that social wellbeing has taken a hit. While there will undoubtedly be some employees that have enjoyed working remotely and may be concerned about returning to the workplace, others may have missed the interaction with colleagues and can’t wait to return. 

To encourage staff members to work from the office, offer an incentives program. There’s no better way to show your team that you care about their wellbeing and increase staff loyalty than a corporate massage. Improving staff wellbeing is a great way to improve staff retention and workplace culture. Showing your employees they are valued and respected promotes teamwork, trust and loyalty in the workplace.

3. Think about the physical AND mental health of your employees

The corporate world can be a high-paced and stressful environment due to the high demands and pressures of everyday life. It can take its toll on your team’s personal lives if they take it home at the end of the workday. The consequences of this stress lead to high absenteeism and significant staff turnover due to employee dissatisfaction, which can be costly to your business.

That’s why focusing on mental health, in addition to physical health, is crucial for employee wellness programs. Incorporating a corporate massage program into your workplace is a simple but effective way to demonstrate to your staff that you care about their wellbeing. These massages will boost your employee’s feel-good chemicals and actively help to reduce levels of cortisol, the major stress hormone, in their body. This helps relieve work-related stress and can even improve sleep quality at night. All leading to a healthier, happier workplace. 

Corporate massages for staff wellbeing

Incorporating a corporate massage program is a great way to support your team. It provinces a range of benefits for the whole organisation including:

  • Improved wellbeing
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Increasing productivity and creativity
  • Improving physical health
  • Boosting morale and job satisfaction

Interested in improving the happiness and productivity of your workplace through corporate massage? We have a range of corporate massage and wellness programs, so no matter your needs, we can help look after your most valuable asset - your people! 

For your convenience, we have the following corporate massage options available:

Workstation Massage- Ideal for staff that spend a lot of time at their computers, our therapists move discretely throughout your office, offering a relaxing massage that focuses on the neck, upper back and shoulder areas. 

Ergonomic Chair Massage - This allows our therapists to work more specifically on the back, neck, shoulders and arms while giving your staff a short break from their desks and duties.

Contact us to discuss how we can customise corporate chair massages to fit your company's needs.

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